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GDPR Countdown Clock

How much time is left before the General Data Protection Regulations come into force ?

Companies worldwide that are working with European Individual's data should now be aware of the impact GDPR will have on the way they work with that data.

When do the new regulations come into force ?

25th May 2018

Here are some more questions to ask your leadership ( Download a printable version here )

  • Have you made everyone, and we mean everyone, in your organisation aware of the regulations ? Yes / No
  • Is your company aware of all the different repositories of personal data ? Yes / No
  • Has your company's privacy notice been updated? Yes / No
  • Are the processes for deleting personal data easily accessible and documented ? Yes / No
  • Have you done a trial run on how long it takes to complete a subject access request to complete it within the allowed time frame (normally 40 days) ? Yes / No
  • Does the privacy notice clearly state why the information is held ? Yes / No
  • Is all data, held under consent, clearly recorded on how that consent was attained ? Yes / No
  • If any data, is, or may belong to children, do you have a method of recording parental / guardian consent with this data, and for any data that could belong to under 18s have you got that consent ? Yes / No
  • Where are the documented procedures for detecting, reporting and investigating a data breach ? Location : _____________________________
  • Where are the documented procedures for carrying out DPIA's for new developments / technologies, or new processes ? Location : _____________________________
  • Who is/are the Data Protection Officers Name(s) : _____________________________
  • If you have overseas branches, which state is the lead supervisory authority ? State : _____________________________ / N/A
For more information visit the ICO website

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