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Jacksons Accountants

"The system has been great, no snags, should have done it 3 or 4 years ago!"

Hugh Jackson, Owner


At Jacksons Accountants everyone had a computer, but with limited access to the internet for e-mail and the web browsing.  This system had served them well but Hugh, the owner, wanted some improvements. 

With online tax returns becoming more prevalent, Hugh wanted each person to have an individual e-mail address and web access from their own computer.  Hugh wanted us to protect the computers in the office from viruses and other internet dangers as well as provide a backup system to protect their data.

Telanova proposed and implemented the following

  • Install and configure a business class internet router
  • Install structured cabling to connect all PCs together
  • Strict firewall rules, DNS filtering and a business grade antivirus to protect the PCs
  • Configure their e-mail system with individual accounts and provide a reliable outgoing e-mail service
  • Install and configure our online backup and recovery service

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