Office 365 - Enterprise Class Email For SMEs

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Office 365

Now you can have the best of both worlds - all the features you expect from an enterprise class mail server used by Banks, Governments and Industry together with the affordability of your ISP’s basic POP email.

  • Use with your regular Outlook client or use the Outlook web based client
  • Use on your smartphone and tablet
  • All the functions of calendar, contacts and tasks;
  • Delegation, let your PA send on your behalf
  • Anti-spam & security, a range of options
  • Minimum 50Gb Per person capacity
  • Configure to meet your compliance requirements (GDPR)
  • Use a custom domain ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )
  • Guaranteed 99.9% SLA

All email (both sent and received) is saved safely and securely in the cloud. Since the dawn of cloud based email telanova has been successfully setting up and migrating cloud based email accounts for customers, migrating existing data including contacts, calendars and mailboxes. Let telanova, and authorised Office 365 reseller, setup your Office 365.

Our qualified team will ensure a smooth migration from your current mail service into the enterprise ready Office 365 service. Additionally before you move, our advisers will check that the you purchase the right service configuration for you, not all email service providers are created equally.

  • Why don’t I buy direct from Microsoft? +

    Microsoft doesn’t provide the services we do: Microsoft appoints companies like telanova to setup the service, migrate email, configure devices and support you. You will need to buy the licences direct from Microsoft and appoint telanova as Partner of Record.
  • I have bought direct from Microsoft and I now realise I’m out of my depth. What do I do? +

    We will be able to help you through the migration no matter how far you are or how many mistakes you have made!
  • Can I still use Outlook and will I notice a difference? +

    For Outlook 2007 and later you can connect to Office 365 and get the same functionality as your on-site Exchange server. For previous versions of Outlook you will be unable to share your contacts and calendar.
  • Is it secure? Is it reliable? Will Microsoft lock in my data? +

    An independent third party auditor issued Office 365 a SAS70 Type II certification and ISO 27001. Microsoft guarantees 99.9% uptime. Many banks, governments and insurance companies, who have very strict security policies use Office 365 for their email infrastructure.
  • Why don’t I run my own email server in house? +

    When you add up all the costs it’s a very expensive option. A leading research firm found that Office 365 is as little as 1/3 the total cost of competing solutions. The vast majority of our customers whose Exchange server is due for replacement choose Office 365 or Google Apps in preference to a new Exchange Server.
  • Why would I choose Office 365 over Google Apps? +

    The main benefit of Office 365 over Google Apps is if you are already used to the way Exchange and Outlook work together there is minimal re-training required.
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