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Email Signature Software

Every email your business sends needs to convey your professional brand to your customers and suppliers. It must contain details to satisfy the requirements of the Companies Act. But how do you ensure this? Does each employee cut and paste something into Outlook? Do you send them some instructions and hope for the best? Does every employee use the same font and style in their email signature or are there multiple versions in circulation? Do they even use an email signature when using a mobile device? And what would happen when you want to change the signature, to highlight a promotion, to refresh your brand, if your company address, telephone number or website changed? Would everyone actually update this? Isn’t there a better way?

Have you considered how your employees’ email signatures look when viewed on a mobile phone or tablet? Other businesses judge you (and your company) not just by the content of your emails, but also by the look of your email and the signature you use to sign off. With clients and suppliers viewing your emails on multiple mobile devices and email clients it’s possible that your email signature could contain distorted images, fonts and uneven spacing - rendering it amateurish at best.

We work with market-leading companies such as Clearformat and Exclaimer to help you create:

  • Professional templates - a standard signature template which we’ll  deploy to every member of your team
  • Consistent contact details – everything a client needs in one consistent format. No need for anyone to have to trawl through emails for contact details again
  • Automatic updates – once the template is complete the system automatically updates all employees’ signatures
  • Easy adverts – design adverts, QR codes or URL links within any standard email, then track and report upon their impact
  • Event promotion – promote your company’s events in a timely and organised fashion

telanova will guide you through the whole process: picking the right software, integrating it with your existing systems, designing your signature and deploying to your employees.

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