Life as an IT apprentice at telanova

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Life as an IT apprentice at telanova

My story…

After spending my childhood tinkering and playing with computers, and other electronics, I decided that I wanted to take my passion for IT and technology and turn it into a career. In the beginning I wanted to go to college and get all the qualifications I could and then just apply for a job at an IT company, but then I realised that the qualifications are so broad, it never really prepares you for a real career in IT, so many people out there have a GCSE or a BTEC in IT, it just didn’t make me stand out from the crowd.

After much deliberation and thought about what I really wanted to do; I realised that I just wanted to work and learn at the same time…this was going to be the best option for me. However after looking into this, the only way to get into a carer without any professional experience is to apply for an IT Apprenticeship, I searched high and low for weeks and eventually found telanova…

telanova and the opportunities they provide…

telanova offer their employees a great deal of benefits, for example when I joined telanova as an apprentice I was given the opportunity to get a Comp TIA A+ Certification, this certification gives you your fundamental knowledge of IT, this includes troubleshooting networks and PCs which is highly valued in my role. The Comp TIA Certification gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to become more efficient in my job role. During my study for this certification I was assisted throughout by my colleague Adam Burness-Smith, who gave me tips and advice that I needed on the exam and helped me with planning my learning.

Quickly after this I was then advised to take my study to the next level by starting to work towards my first Microsoft Certification in Office 365 for small to medium businesses, this was a big leap from the Comp TIA A+ however I have been given the time, help and support I need by telanova in order to complete my study.

Whilst completing my Comp TIA A+, and working towards my first Microsoft Certification I have been learning and developing other skills that are very valuable when working in my role, these include Active Directory, Remote Troubleshooting, Microsoft Exchange and many more…

Work life at telanova…

Whilst starting my role as an apprentice at telanova a lot of things have been very challenging, who drinks tea? Who drinks coffee?  Will I ever remember to take the bin out at the end of work?  All of these tasks became second nature and as soon as I knew it I was on the phones helping customers. 

I started out small, only taking calls from certain customers so I could start to develop a relationship with them, whilst doing this I could also tweak and develop my phone manner. As I started to gain the trust of the customers,  telanova started increase the range of  customers I could speak to. 

As soon as I overcame the challenges I was facing, I was given even more independence and responsibilities, I took on more and more calls by myself, I was then answering calls from all customers, I quickly became the first person to answer the phone. After a few weeks I had faced so many challenges and overcame them all, I was quickly becoming confident in what I was going to be doing on a day to day basis. 

Once I had developed the confidence I needed for my job role, I was on the road to learning what it was really like to work in IT. I quickly discovered that what I was doing was far away from getting a random call from my Dad saying that he can’t find Google… 

Whilst working at telanova I have also taken on other things that have taught me a lot, for example until now I have never written a blog, and here it is. telanova it is not just answering calls and fixing broken things, theres a lot more to it than that. I have performed phone testing, crushed hard drives into a million pieces and built a cupboard, set up new workstations.  

Working at telanova as an apprentice has been a vast learning experience for me, teaching me the skills I need in order to develop my career, and I know I will still be developing them for years to come. 

What we think about Niall...

In under a year we have seen Niall transform from a keen but timid young “techy” to a confident and equipped IT system engineer, who we at telanova can count on to represent our high standards to all our customers.

Adam Burness-Smith

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