Is your business secure?

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Is your business secure?

Yes you say! You ensure the doors are double locked when the last employee leaves the office for the day and have a door code that is the length of your arm that changes every two weeks. You even have a decent CCTV system setup that catches the most insignificant of suspicious movements and alerts you by text message that a crisp packet blew past the front door. Ok so unless someone comes up with an ingenious plan that resembles a plot close to the Italian Job your business is safe. Right?

Well not really, what about your IT security? 

The doors and walls that protect your business are essential and you would be silly not to ensure these are well secured, but in this day and age where all businesses rely on computers and the internet this is not enough to keep your business safe. 

Just turn a few pages in your favorite newspaper you will read about how another large organisation/business has been attacked and has had confidential data stolen causing millions of pounds in damages and hours of downtime. These events are extremely damaging to large companies but to smaller companies they are lethal. 

Just because your name isn't as big as say eBay doesn't mean you won't be targeted. Hackers are opportunists and make it their day job to look for easy targets. 

So what steps can you take to bring your IT security up to scratch?

Thankfully the Government has already answered this question and released an eBook that explains the need for and how to drastically improve your Cyber Security. This eBook can be found here

This book covers planning, implementing and reviewing your company's IT security and brings up important topics such as:

  • Having a reputable anti virus product installed on all your employees computers.
  • Ensuring you have a secure password policy in place. 
  • Ensuring your staff know how to recognise and deal with social engineering attempts.
  • Monitoring your IT system to ensure that threats and weaknesses are picked up. 

Once these topics are highlighted you may be left wondering how do I put these measures in place? 

That's where telanova can step in and help. We have the knowledge and the skills to advise and implement these measures in your company. 

  • telanova can provide and install industry respected and trusted antivirus software on all the PCs and Servers in your company.
  • telanova can manage your IT systems to ensure password policies and other security policies are enforced. 
  • telanova can provide consultation and training to staff to improve security awareness.
  • telanova can provide 24/7 Server and Workstation monitoring to ensure that your IT infrastructure stays secure and that weaknesses are addressed as they appear. 

If you would like to know how telanova can increase your company’s security please do not hesitate to contact us.


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