Buy Apple Mac instead of HP or Dell?

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Buy Apple Mac instead of HP or Dell?

It's not a question of whether a Mac is "better" than a PC, or whether a PC is "better" than a Mac, even if there was a common definition of "better". They are different. It's like comparing a van with a sports car. An open top sports car might be more appealing to the eye and a great choice for an airline pilot, but it wouldn't help a carpenter transport all his tools and wood. A Mac might look great and be a great choice for a graphic designer, but can it run Sage Accounts and the other software applications you have on your business network?

The Windows and Mac platforms are two different eco-systems. Although some software applications are available for both there are very many common business applications available only for Windows. Although it's possible to shoehorn the two together, and at telanova we have done so for our clients, it's an awkward fit.

Apple is the most valuable company of all time because of the success of the iPhone and iPad. Although these are very different eco-systems (different to both Mac and Windows) these devices are for a very different purpose: for consuming information, not creating it. For reading emails they're fine, but trying to write up the minutes of a meeting on an iPhone or iPad is a very painful experience.

How things will develop over time is an open question: how much of the infrastructure will move up to the cloud, and how divergent the various choices will become. Probably the choices will look quite different to those available today. For the time being Windows laptops and PCs are the most appropriate choices for most businesses, although there are exceptions. A contrarian approach or a mix and match can work for some businesses. Please email our team This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call on 01344 567990.  if you'd like telanova to take the hassle out of your IT.

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