PCs and laptops are too complex and troublesome

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PCs and laptops are too complex and troublesome

Tablets are all very well for fetching stuff: photos to look at, your inbox to keep an eye on, music tracks and youtube videos, but they're painful for creating stuff: writing up minutes of a meeting, or writing all but the briefest of emails, even with their awkward add-on keyboards at an awkward add-on price!

With a Chromebook you get a proper keyboard and the rock solid, maintenance free ChromeOS system. ChromeOS is essentially the Chrome web browser (my browser of choice) with a secure ring fence protecting it. So you can browse the web, use hotmail, gmail, linkedin, facebook, twitter, google apps, Xero accounts, Salesforce.com etc. And you can access the corporate network via VPN, Citrix or Remote Desktop, or SSH. Yes, you may need to adapt the way you work in some ways, a small sacrifice in return for liberation.

Chrome is going places with ambitions as more than just a web browser: with Chrome's Native Client you get Chrome apps running within the web browser virtually as fast as native apps, whereas on a tablet, the apps run outside the web browser.

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