What’s the most common IT problem?

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What’s the most common IT problem?

A customer asked us, “what’s the most common IT problem?” and that’s definitely "My computer is too slow!"

Sometimes there’s a technical issue with the computer making it slow, something unusual running in the background, or a pending hardware failure. But often the issue isn't actually a technical fault… it’s that the end user is frequently having to wait when carrying out some business process.

IT is never fast enough. It’s never good enough. We always want IT to be faster, better, so we can get more work done in less time! Unfortunately, everything in IT is a trade off: speed, budget, reliability, capability, and more. And it’s not just the computers, but the internet connection, cloud services, servers, Wi-Fi, network equipment, etc too.

So what do we do about it? To start with, we learn how our customers use IT and what their needs are, so that we can help them choose the best balance within their budget. Then on an ongoing basis, our support team will make their choice work for their business in a practical way.

Are you getting the best bang for your IT buck?

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