Benefit 6 of 8: IT Security

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Benefit 6 of 8: IT Security

One of our clients inadvertently clicked on a dodgy link - it didn’t seem to do anything and they got on with their day. However, it was designed to silently execute malware, undetected by regular anti-virus and maliciously encrypt the files on the entire system. Then issue a ransom demand.

However, our next-generation security monitoring alerted us to suspicious activity. We remotely isolated the computer from the network. We checked that this wasn’t a false positive. We rolled back the computer to a state before the incident completely removing the threat.

You can read our full blog on the advantages of next-gen antivirus here. But in summary, instead of relying on someone experiencing a virus or attack before - it monitors the behaviour of programs running on your device and takes action on anything suspicious. Not only will it flag the issue, but also quarantine and isolate the device from the network to stop the issue from spreading. It offers a roll-back function, to restore the device from a time before infection.

Anti-virus is only part of the security jigsaw - other security services we provide:

  • Managed and monitored device encryption - if a device is stolen you can be confident the data on it can not be accessed.
  • Managed and monitored authentication - we make sure passwords are strong, two- factor authentication is implemented and detect brute force password attacks.
  • Managed and monitored firewalls and network infrastructure - The devices we install are configured with security in mind - if you want a secure VPN into the office - we make sure this is implemented in the most secure way possible.
  • Managed and monitored patch management - the latest security updates will protect you from “zero-day” vulnerability that will allow hackers into your systems.

telanova manages and monitors our clients’ security and take prompt action when there is a potential issue. Many other IT providers do not.

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