Benefit 1 of 8: general IT advice

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Providing advice, consultancy, helpdesk, monitoring and maintenance, updates, upgrades, security: all the things your in-house team would do, but better and at a fraction of the cost and hassle.

Benefit 1 of 8: general IT advice

Benefit 1 of 8: general IT advice. A recent example was when a customer asked us: “a client wants to connect with me over Slack. What is Slack? I have never heard of it, is it safe?”

We explained that Slack was a messaging and team collaboration tool, similar to Microsoft Teams, but a bit easier to use across multiple different companies. The usual caveats about only sharing with people you trust still apply.

Another customer wanted advice before purchasing a new laptop for a member of staff. They travelled extensively and therefore a very small and light laptop was the most important factor and outweighed the lower productivity from a small screen, performance, and battery life etc. We identified the best performing laptop within their budget, configured for the end user and delivered it.

Another example of the advice we give is preparing IT budgets. How to maximise the return on investment, e.g. which devices need urgently replacing, which can be deferred etc.

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