Tales from the helpdesk - the slow laptop

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Tales from the helpdesk - the slow laptop

A customer called our help desk recently because their laptop had suddenly started running slowly. Could we do something about it?

One of our team was able to quickly connect using our secure remote access software. While they were running through the standard checks to ensure there was no unusual activity due to malware or similar activity, they noticed that the laptop was running on battery power, and that the battery was at less than 40% capacity. They got the customer to plug the laptop into the mains, and the performance was instantly restored. Laptops will slow down to reduce their power consumption to extend battery life, and older batteries will drain more rapidly.

Result was a very happy customer, and it was all resolved within a couple of minutes.

This is just one example of how a well-trained and experienced Helpdesk can quickly get your users back to full productivity with the minimum of fuss, to find out more about how our helpdesk can help you contact telanova.

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