Preparing for Windows 11: Are your PCs compatible?

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Preparing for Windows 11: Are your PCs compatible?

Windows 11 will run on business grade computers bought in the last 3 years. But older computers, budget devices and those aimed at the home sector may not be able to run it.

Microsoft are only supporting relatively modern CPUs (Intel 8th gen Core or Ryzen 2000) or higher. In addition to this your computer’s motherboard will need a security feature called a TPM. Business grade computers have shipped with TPMs for a long time, but those aimed at the budget and home market may lack this functionality.

You can check the official requirements here. Microsoft will be releasing a compatibility checker in the near future

To meet these requirements often requires replacing most of the internal components. Which can be more expensive than buying a new PC.

We audit our customers' systems and advise on their most suitable path to Windows 11.

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