Why get business class warranty?

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Why get business class warranty?

Why do we recommend a business-class warranty that covers the expected life of IT hardware?

In the long run it’s cheaper.

When a computer, laptop or server breaks outside of warranty you’ll need to identify the faulty part and then source it. You may find that the manufacturer no longer has the part for sale. You might be able to source one from a 3rd party seller or resort to 2nd hand parts from ebay. You’ll then need to wait for delivery and get an engineer to replace it. This process can take weeks. Not to mention how much the business would suffer in lost time.

With a business-class warranty your server, workstation or laptop is fixed on site the same day or next. But beware of consumer class warranties! Typically with a consumer class warranty you’ll need to send your hardware away to be fixed, leaving you without a working system for a week or more.

Navigating the manufacturer's support process is difficult and time-consuming for a non-techie. We handle it much quicker as we speak their language.

Engage telanova as your IT team and we’ll make hardware recommendations that make sense for your business and manage it all for you.

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