Windows 11: Are you prepared?

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Windows 11: Are you prepared?

Windows 11. That’s right, Windows 11 is coming. Yes, we had been assured by Microsoft that Windows 10 was the last of the Windows.XX line however, Microsoft have had a change of heart and their next major update to their operating system is going to be known as Windows 11.

Windows 11 is designed to be more secure in a world where malware and ransomware are a constant threat, and the improved security it will bring is going to be a major benefit. If your hardware can run it, it will be a free upgrade. The improved security is built upon specific hardware requirements, so if you have an older or lower spec’d computer, you will either have to pay to upgrade the PC or more realistically, buy a whole new PC.

Your first consideration before you decide to adopt Windows 11 should be it’s compatibility (or otherwise) with your existing software. Is your business-critical software supported on Windows 11? It can take many months for software developers to carry out all of the necessary testing to ensure that their products will work smoothly on Windows 11.

Do you have some older or specialist hardware that you need to connect to your computers? You may find that the manufacturer is unwilling or unable to create new drivers to allow those devices to work under Windows 11 - the manufacturer may even have gone out of business, so, do you buy new peripherals or stick to Windows 10?

Windows 11 is currently still in preview and so details are still subject to change. The interface will be a bit different, it looks a bit more, dare I say it? “Mac like”. If as an organisation, you decide to embrace the new interface then you will probably need to allow some training time for your users to adapt.

At telanova we understand the challenges that organisations face when a major Operating System upgrade is rolled out, and we leverage that experience to make sure our customers have a smooth transition. Contact us to make your journey to Windows 11 painless.

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