SMB ransomware flying under the radar

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SMB ransomware flying under the radar

Over the past couple of years the number of ransomware attacks has grown to epidemic proportions. While the majority of the press coverage has focused on attacks against high profile targets such as the Colonial Oil Pipeline in the USA or the Irish Health service, or the games company Electronic Arts, what flies under the radar are the attacks on small and medium businesses.

The rationale behind targeting SMBs is quite simple.

  • they’re poorly protected,
  • they’ll pay the ransom and
  • the authorities can’t be bothered to investigate

The ransomware gangs know that taking on a high profile target is high risk with the full force of the NCA (UK), FBI (USA), and Interpol coming after them and if caught they will face the full weight of the penal system. Targeting a small company will not yield as big a ransom, but the authorities will be less likely to investigate. SMBs are also less likely to have the resources to defend against or restore their systems without resorting to paying the ransom.

At telanova we believe even the smallest organisations need to take the threat of ransomware attacks seriously, which is why we make sure our customers have protections in place to prevent attacks and data securely backed up offsite to restore from, should the unthinkable ever happen.

Engage telanova as your IT team and we’ll implement security strategies appropriate for your organization and implement them.

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