Time to replace your business computers

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Time to replace your business computers

How much do you think an older computer costs your business?

  1. They’re slow - Waiting a few minutes every day for your PC to boot or your emails to open adds up. 15mins wasted per working day at UK median wage is £969 per year.
  2. Not in warranty - Even new components can fail - warranties make repairs quick and efficient. Typically an in-warranty machine is fixed by the next working day. With an out of warranty machine, the faulty part needs to be sourced (often tricky), delivered and then fitted. The downtime cycle can be more like three or four days (£400 at UK median wage) on top of that you need to pay for the replacement part and the engineer's time to fit the part.
  3. The software is no longer supported - risking significant downtime or data loss

Finally - Look at the underside of the mouse - if you can see a ball - it’s definitely time.

An average business PC with setup is £1000 - you’ll see a return on your investment in the first year.

We not only supply and install business workstations and laptops but also track our customers’ assets and advise when it’s time to upgrade or replace machines.

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