Keeping devices up to date while WFH

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Keeping devices up to date while WFH

Our monitoring system recently alerted us: some of our customers’ computers weren’t updating each night, putting the business at risk. Digging into the logs revealed that the end-users’ behaviour had changed with the shift to working from home. Previously most would leave their devices on overnight so that all the various maintenance tasks could run - Windows updates, antivirus scans, application updates etc. Working from home everyone was doing something different with their computer: sometimes they left it on, put it to sleep, or switched it off.

One of the advantages of business class devices e.g. Dell OptiPlex PCs, Latitude laptops, is that Dell provides a utility that can set various system settings. We deployed this utility through our monitoring system to set the devices to automatically switch on at 2am. We also set a scheduled task to wake the computer if it was asleep. Our patch management system would then kick in as usual and install any missing Windows and application updates. Finally the device will go back to sleep. All set remotely in the background without disturbing our customers. Problem solved!

Do you want to ensure your organization’s devices are kept up to date? Engage telanova as your IT team!

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