Tales from our helpdesk: Turning the mountain back into a molehill

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Tales from our helpdesk: Turning the mountain back into a molehill

Recently a customer called up our helpdesk in a panic. “Everything’s down!”

We quickly established that the power was on in the building, and all the devices showed the appropriate green lights, so it seemed that everything ought to be working, except that it wasn’t. They didn’t have a connection to the internet, and in today’s environment that is everything.

After asking the right questions our helpdesk discovered that some contractors had been onsite, and they had unplugged some cables to get access to a wall. The customer thought the contractors had plugged them back in correctly.

We had our doubts and dispatched an engineer, who quickly spotted a missing cable, connected everything properly and got them back up and running.

That’s what we do. Fix things promptly and effectively, not making a big deal out of a crisis.

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