Keep your WiFi and phones running during a power outage

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Keep your WiFi and phones running during a power outage

We recently replaced a UPS for one of our customers.

So what’s a UPS? It’s a Universal Power Supply. It’s a giant intelligent battery that keeps equipment going in the event of a power cut - it will shut down the servers before the battery runs out.

Our customer had frequent power cuts and asked if the UPS could also keep the internet and phones powered - that’s at least 5 extra pieces of equipment - for at least 45 minutes. So we identified everything that needed power to keep the internet and phones on and worked out the power consumption. We supplied a UPS with enough capacity to run this and installed it carefully making sure everything needed was connected.

Soon after we installed it they had a power cut. The UPS kept the desk phones and WiFi powered. The servers shutdown without any data loss. Our customer is happy.

VoIP telephones typically just need the internet to work and are often powered by a central network switch. This makes them easy to power via a UPS. Internet components (routers firewalls etc) and Wifi access points (which can also be powered by a switch) can easily be added to a UPS as well.

Telanova will buy your organisation precious uptime for your communication lines in the event of a power cut.

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