WiFi or wired connections - How to get the best for your organisation?

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WiFi or wired connections - How to get the best for your organisation?

WiFi is flexible, you can work from anywhere without a network cable. The downsides are:

  • Dead spots.
  • Interference from other nearby WiFi networks, or microwaves, baby monitors etc
  • The more people use it the harder it is to make it fast enough and reliable

A wired connection is much faster than wifi and more reliable, but you can only work where your cable reaches. It can be expensive and disruptive to install cables everywhere they’re needed.

WiFi is well suited to organisations with open plan offices with laptops and hotdesks that use only small files. Enterprise WiFi solutions typically have multiple WiFi access points and a central WiFi controller. Not only does this make sure the whole office is covered but also spreads the load and improves reliability.

Whereas a graphic design firm with powerful workstations will be transferring large files and would benefit from wired connections.

Getting the best balance between cost and performance can be tricky especially with a mix of different requirements. In a business environment a DIY approach doesn’t make sense: the business will spend time, money and energy on the wrong solutions. Instead, engage telanova as your IT team.

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