Do I need more memory or more storage?

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Do I need more memory or more storage?

Have you heard someone say “My computer’s running slow, I need to delete something”?

They’ve probably confused storage with memory.

A PC might have 8 GB of memory and 500 GB of hard disk storage. Both are described in the same units - gigabytes, but notice the very different quantities.

Memory (or RAM) affects how many different things the computer can process at the same time - basically how many apps you can have open at the same time.

Storage (or hard disk space) affects how many documents, photos, music etc you can save.

Unless your hard disk is completely full, deleting things will not speed up your computer. But if you have a lot of apps open, closing some might.

In a business environment it does not make sense to try and sort these things out yourself, you’ll spend time, money and energy on the wrong solutions to your difficulty. Instead, engage telanova as your IT team.

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