Finding files created by colleagues now furloughed

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Finding files created by colleagues now furloughed

Our helpdesk received an urgent request from a customer - find a really important spreadsheet. It was created by a colleague who is now on furlough and can’t be contacted. Without it they couldn’t bill their clients! The only thing they could tell us about it was that it probably had “Shoe” in the name...

This client has 30 terabytes of data spread across 5 file servers in 4 locations. They also have a well partitioned folder structure with locked down permissions.

The built in Windows Search is useless for this task as it will only display results for folders you have access to.

We know a clever trick for searching for files: use a utility that reads the Master File Table (MFT) directly, such as WizFile. We found it in less than 30 minutes. It didn't even have “Shoe” in the name in the end.

Your organization deserves a highly skilled competent support team like telanova.

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