Email attachments are too dangerous!

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Email attachments are too dangerous!

Email attachments are too dangerous! Email filters, Antivirus, UTM (Unified Threat Management) appliances etc, all attempt to mitigate that risk, but they won’t catch the very latest attacks. Allowing everyone on the internet to send you attachments is like leaving your door unlocked and only tackling the bad guys when they’re halfway up the stairs!

Email attachments were invented in the early days of the internet when the internet was a far safer place, and they haven’t been improved since. It’s time to replace them with something better.

Most cloud storage products (Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox etc) have two features that replace the role of emailed attachments with something far safer.

  • When you want to send someone a file, “Share” the file/folder with them.
  • When you want a file from someone, send a “File Request”. The recipient will receive a link they can use to upload the files to you.

There are other advantages too

  • Guaranteed encryption in transit
  • Set a time limit for access, e.g. 30 days
  • Made a mistake? Revoke access at any time
  • Track when files are accessed

Once your colleagues and business contacts have become familiar with the new way of working you can block email attachments outright, allowing file sharing only via your approved platforms (eg Office 365, G suite, Citrix Sharefile, or the specific platform relevant to your industry)

We have successfully implemented this for several of our customers with compliance requirements in the fields of Finance, Accounting etc.

Contact us to manage the whole process for you, training, implementation, and blocking.

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