Important files on desktops? Are they backed up regularly?

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Important files on desktops? Are they backed up regularly?

Have you got important documents on your desktop? Or has anyone else you know?

Are those documents backed up regularly? - Probably not!

OneDrive - part of Microsoft Office 365, has a useful feature that will store your Desktop, Documents and Pictures folders in the cloud, automatically back them up, and provide you access to them from a web browser on any device.

It’s pretty easy to switch on, but if you can’t trust your colleagues not to save important files on their desktop then you definitely can’t trust them to switch on the setting in OneDrive! This is where telanova can help, we can seamlessly enable the feature in the background for all your accounts and make sure it is enforced.

This is just one of many reasons why Office 365 is a no-brainer for small businesses and why you should choose telanova to unlock all the benefits for your business safely.

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