Are you worried about a disaster affecting your business?

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Are you worried about a disaster affecting your business?

There are many types of disasters that can affect a business: fires, floods or even a global pandemic, there are two disaster strategy approaches:

  1. Wait for a disaster to hit and then deal with it
  2. OR
  3. Plan for different disasters, mitigate against the effects in advance, test your plan and execute it when one hits

One of the services we carry out for our clients is moving them from the first category, to the second, by designing and testing a disaster recovery strategy.

For a particular client, they needed a strategy that would get their IT systems restored within 24 hours even if everything was lost in a fire.

We drafted and implemented a strategy based around Cloud Hyper-V image backups to Microsoft Azure. Then verified it by restoring everything to temporary servers in Microsoft Azure. We timed the process from the first mouse click to the point staff could login remotely. Roughly 17 hours, well within their requirements. The restored system was then tested by several staff members to confirm all data was present and they had everything they needed to carry out their duties.

Do you want to be better prepared?

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