New Year's resolutions: Sort IT out

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New Year's resolutions: Sort IT out

Many of our customers had new years resolutions In 2019 to improve their IT. Here are some of the projects we’re most proud of:

  1. For an accountant we replaced 3 servers and 15 PCs.
  2. For another accountant we moved their email to Office 365 and upgraded 50 PCs to Windows 10.
  3. For a school we moved their email to Office 365, replaced their single server and all 12 PCs.
  4. For a kitchen designer we moved their email to Office 365 and their files to OneDrive.
  5. For a parish council we replaced all 5 of their PCs.
  6. For a component distributor we simplified their virtual infrastructure.

In each case we advised them about their current set up and how to improve it. We provided support before, during and after to keep things running smoothly, and staff productive and happy.

Contact us if you have a New Year’s resolution to sort out your businesses IT in 2020

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