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Need a new server? Maybe not!

Starting a small business three years ago, with 3 or more people, a Windows Small Business Server was a compelling proposition: quality software the big boys use for a bargain price. There wasn't anything else that would give you centralised mailboxes, calendars and contacts. But if you'd done that you'd be looking at replacing that server now or soon; and spending the same money again and a bit more.

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If Sage or any PC application runs slow

If Sage, or any other application, starts to run slowly you may not need to replace your computer just yet. Our accountant customers sometimes get this problem when they've loaded a lot of data into Sage, and Sage has to process it all. Although you can buy a new faster computer for £500, the total cost including new software licences, installation, configuration and data transfer works out much higher. What can you do to delay the purchase for another year or two?

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Increase productivity 42%

It’s such an easy way to get more done in less time: extend your desktop to two screens for 42% increase in productivity (source Jon Peddie Research). Think Excel on one screen and Sage on the other: much less flipping between applications. Last week our client (a kitchen designer) needed to swap her PC for a laptop and was very worried by the small screen: could she visualise the designs on a smaller screen? Laptop screens are getting smaller so they are easier to carry around, but every day there is more and more information to manage as part of day to day work. We solved the problem by connecting an extra screen to her laptop at her main place of work, so she’s got more screen space than before when she’s working at her desk, and she can take the laptop away for presentations. It’s not just for laptops: it’s possible to add an extra screen to any desktop PC. We’ve even added an extra screen to a tiny netbook.

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